Martin Luther King : I know for sure that one day this nation which is sweltering with the heat of injustices and oppression will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice with reverence.

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There is no doubt at all and by no stretch:

A Country without Direction

The present state of Trinidad and Tobago, is truly alarming to everyone

Who is very capable of reflection, a country without direction, without law, without a proper government, without any mode of power than what it is founded upon, granted only by courtesy, past and present regime that held together by an exampled concurrence of sentiment, judgement prompted by feeling or refined feeling which is nevertheless subject to change: our present condition is legislation without law, wisdom without a plan, a constitution without a name and what is strangely astonishing perfect independence, contending for dependence, trust, reliance, this instance is without precedent, to be used as a model to be followed in the future, a case in which this never existed before in any thriving democracies throughout the world, by now anyone can tell what may be the event of this so called vision 20/20.

Stand up for your rights

Every society possesses a political culture, the broad term encompassing many elements which concern the intellectual dispositions (beliefs, attitudes and values) 

A political culture is a aggregate like “the public” or society it indicates a collection of ideas of people in a community, that each one reflect on the community they live in..

This republic of Trinidad and Tobago had its beginning and grew to its strength. Under the protection of certain inalienable people and political rights among them, are the rights to free speech and the right to free press, the right to worship the almighty in different forms, which is free to every citizen, also the right to trial by jury and the right to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.. They are our rights to life and liberty as a nation which has grown in size and statures. But unfortunately to all the natives in this sweet country the economy has eroded these political rights inadequately, to assure each and everyone equality in the pursuit of happiness.

I have a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.

  • The people in need are never free… people are hungry and out of jobs and crying about budget increases and the what nots.. Are all these not the results of a dictatorship government?  This brings to mind, the late former prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago “Dr.Eric Williams” in his days the economic truth had become accepted “so to speak” under which a new basis of security and perspectively has been established for all, reguardless of nation race and creed. 
  • Among these are the right to useful and financially rewarding jobs in Industries and shipping port.
  • The right of every farmer to raise  and sell his products at a return which will give him and  his family a decent living.
  • The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation.
  • The right for every family to have a decent home.
  • The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.
  • The right to a good education.

All these rights spell security.. We must be prepared in the implementation of these right, to achieving a new goals of human happiness and well-being..

Islamic Fundametalism 

The Islamic communities have a duty to stand up to the superpowers. They say they have  the ability to stand up against them, provided that their intellectuals give up their fascination with Westernization or Easterrnalization and follow the straight path of Islam and nationalism.They are fighting against international communism to the same degree that they are fighting against the Western world— devour era led by America, Israel and Zionism.. The danger exists, in fact for you to know that the danger of America is such that if they show the slightest negligence they are being   shall be destroyed. Both superpowers have risen for the obliteration of the oppressed nations  and we should support the oppressed of the world. 

We should try hard to export our revolution to the world, examining the thought that say we do not export our revolution, because Islam does not regard various Islamic countries differently and is the supporter of all the oppressed people in the world. It might be the time to settle our accounts with the forces and demonstrate to them that, despite all the grave difficulties that we have passed through, only now is right to confront the world with the ideology.

Deliberate Democracy

The idea that having the sanction of a legal government should be able to collect into one whole or embody the will of the people. But I want you all to know the concepts of deliberative democracy has never emerged for five and a half decades, means fifty-five years.That is why we must strive to drive into an exciting development in political theory, which there is a need to broadly defined as deliberative democracy, this must be able to reflect to the idea that legitimate lawmaking issues must be carried out by the public deliberations of citizens or citizens to pledge allegiance. As from the idea of deliberative democracy evokes the ideal of rational legislation, especially participatory politics, as in self governance..

What is exactly public deliberation? Given the complete issues that confront contemporary societies. Is it possible an intelligent broad based participation possible? Off course! The yes or no thing is because our society do not ask for recourse, it will be quite reasonable someday that our citizens may converge on rational solutions to political problems. 

Perhaps the critical question along this axis of debate is whether citizens with a variety of individual interests can also come to affirm a common good in some sense. The theories of democracy dominate in the middle part of this century are generally suspicious of public deliberations.. …….

People under seige

For fifty-five years everyone has been caught upside down and with blinkers on, so whenever the whip cracks on their backs, it seems as though it’s a miner pain, which they don’t feel. However with less than 1.5 million people in Trinidad and Tobago, having over 3 Trillion US dollars, as revenue.. Let’s ask the question where in the hell has this money gone? With absolutely no accountability on the both sides of the fence– The past and present government must come forward to fully account to the people of this country… 


We must do things we think we cannot do …..Eleanor Roosevelt 

     What I Once Forgot…. I’ll never Forget….Sometimes we take things for granted but today I’m grateful for and meeting you all along my path. For life, family and friends! To be able to live, laugh and love.. For a special friend I met along my journey and knowing unconditional love.. To. Know that I wil have a future designed just for me… Learning about the book of life, time, years that still present in my soul. For being where I am today.. For loyalty in myself each and everyday. My full spirit, the health and safety and happiness for my family…My faith, hope, wisdom, courage and strength… To love and be loved…. For another chance to breathe….For knowing that I’m a better person today than I was yesterday…. For this journey and the person I’ve become today, even though I’ve lost, I’m moving forward..For forgiving myself and others, saying thank you and you are welcome… The ability to take a moment and be still and listen to all the joy life brings even when it seems so difficult…To be thankful for all the moments I’ve failed because I’ve risen above all that’s frail.. Never to forget that my happiness depends on me…

We are a fallen people

    The prophet Jerimiah faced many opposition, he was a failure, but he remained faithful to God and became a success, his messages was given to the Jews to warn them of the impending Babylonian captivity…. In our society today we should be warned about the consequences of the actions of those who are in power. It is our responsibility as a people to have the good life God invented for us, and not turn a blind eye to what is happening around us. Ask yourselves these questions about the things that has held us captive for way too long.. Can I make a difference? And how do we go about executing that ? What differences has this government made so far?  Is there a future for our children and their children? 

    I understand the saying ” you can teach an old dog new tricks” why this may be true indeed, however our future generations can learn from our mistakes, especially with the idealogies of this new world such as social media that encourages “watch me” and mimic “all lives matter”

    Our duty as a people should want to enforce equality, fairness and unity..  As I look around and see the need for change, I’m certain that observations are immensely recognized by others as well more so many than the few who are willing to lend their voices. Yet, we tend to be our own worst enemies, we are held captive by our own thoughts and habits, the comformtabilies of our struggles and the fear of the unknown, so it’s easier to lime an accept the things the way they are… 

    So today I would like to ask a few questions to our leaders the ones that we have appointed to implement these long overdue changes,  to free us from the captivity of what seems to be a dictatorship government and to help us simply to strive in a place that was once a safe haven for all species and considered a “melting pot of races” 

    Questions are.

    What power have you got?

    Where did you get it?

    What values are central to the changes needed?

    Are the strategies to execute that vision of change created by you ?

    Can you describe those visions?

    To whom are you accountable?